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We offer activatable contrast agents for MRI detection of bacterial pathogens at the onset of infectious disease such as, bone infections (osteomyelitis) and prosthetic joint infections. Our team has extensive expertise in probe design and in vitro/in vivo validation. We can closely work with you to offer customized probes for your needs, for research or preclinical studies.
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We believe that our novel concept, an MRI contrast agent for detecting bacteria, can provide a faster and more efficient clinical diagnostic system



Based on this knowledge and to facilitate rapid clinical translation, we integrated this probe into an MRI contrast agent. We therefore take advantage of the MRI as a fully implemented clinical diagnostic tool and we focus on those pathologies that are very difficult to diagnose and where MRI is already indicated

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Targeted Indications

Our first product, InfectoScan, is an MRI contrast agent that specifically identifies S. aureus infections, in less than 1 hour, with accurate localization and providing early diagnosis to increase the efficiency of the available therapeutic options. In addition, our product bypasses the need for slow blood cultures and painful biopsies. In this way, we guarantee that the patient receive the appropriate treatment at the right time, and avoiding the onset of chronic disease

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Our Product

Indications where the presence of a given nuclease is a relevant biomarker for the presence of the disease


to create a novel generation of contrast agents that add value to the diagnostic imaging by MRI for improving clinical decision


our products would lead to better health outcomes while contributing to the sustainability of the health care system. It our expectation to improve the diagnosis based on MRI, by providing novel and functional contrast agents, with the capability to specifically detect human conditions such as bacterial infections and cancer


About SOMAprobes

Somaprobes provides solutions for unmet clinical needs. We bring our passion and expertise to the service of people´s health. Our technology promises fast and reliable detection of life threatening diseases that are very difficult to diagnose by conventional methods. We are dedicated to save every life at a time, by helping the doctors and health care personnel with the best tools for rapid decision making.
Novel Contrast Agents for Early Detection of Infectious Diseases & Cancer



Founder and CEO/CSO
PhD in Bioengineering (Spain), with more than 10 years of research experience from Denmark , USA and Spain. Frank has extensive expertise in microbiology, biomedicine and development of therapeutic and diagnostic strategies.


Founder and CRO
MS and PhD in Chemistry (USA), with more than 10 years of research experience from USA, The Netherlands and Spain. Luiza has a multidisciplinary set of expertise in microfluidics, RNA/DNA based technologies for diagnostics and therapeutics, oncology and cancer biology.

Miguel Mulet

Business Development Advisor
Dr. Miguel Mulet PhD, MBA, holds a M.Eng. from Imperial College (London), a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering (Cardiovascular Imaging) and an MBA from the University of Oxford. Miguel is in charge of the business model and the financial strategy.

Constantin Onu

IT Manager
Constantin has a BS in Electrical Engineering (Iasi, Romania) and holds a Master Degree in Marketing and Business Communications (Bucharest, Romania). Constantin has expertise in web developing, quality assurance and IT&C consulting.

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